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ZY08 ANC TWS Premium ENC Earbuds BT 5.4 Noise cancelling Earphones with Lcd Touch screen Display Wireless Headphones

Model: ZY08 (ANC+ENC) tws earbuds
JL 7003D8 in-ear + built-in sliding + ANC noise reduction
Charging case battery: 360 mAh plus protective board
Headphone battery: 35 mAh
13MM noise reduction speaker

Warehouse function:
1. Playback interface
2. Volume addition and subtraction
3. Noise reduction interface: noise reduction switch/transparency switch
4. Equalizer interface
5. Alarm clock interface
6. Screen brightness
7. Switch between 16 Chinese and English languages
8. Lock screen wallpaper
9. Looking for LR ear interface
10. Time setting interface
11. Douyin like interface
12. Photo interface
13. Lighting interface
14. Interfaces 1-13 can cycle through the sliding interface.

1; Chinese, 2; English, 3; Traditional, 4; Japanese, 5; Russian, 6; German, 7; Korean, 8; French, 9; Turkish, 10; Arabic, 11; Portuguese, 12; Spain Chinese, 13; Vietnamese, 14; Thai, 15; Malay, 16; Italian


1. Powerful inner core Bluetooth 5.4, effectively avoid signal interference, stable performance.

2. Double-sided pure copper precision protection board is used to greatly improve signal stability.

3. Type-c socket, efficient and intelligent charging, fast full charge saves time.

Remark: We are China factory, Wholesale in bulk, We accept OEM/ODM. We can make your branded headphones with a custom logo. Made in China.

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